Server info

Experience stages
From levelTo levelRateFrom levelTo levelRate
1 80 x700 81 100 x600
101 150 x400 151 180 x250
181 200 x120 201 250 x60
251 275 x30 276 300 x18
301 350 x10 351 375 x5
376 400 x2.5 401 425 x1
426 450 x0.6 451 999 x0.5
Magic ratex30
Skills ratex45
Loot ratex2
Protection level80
Level to buy house200
Idle kick time300 minute(s)
PZ lock time60 second(s)
White skull time3 minute(s)
Red skull time1 day(s)
Black skull time2 day(s)
Frags to red skullDaily: 15 | Weekly: 50 | Monthly: 160
Frags to black skullDaily: 30 | Weekly: 100 | Monthly: 320
Ban length3 day(s)
Final ban length7 day(s)
IP ban length1 day(s)
Offline messages
Level required to use offline messages180
Maximum number of messages to one player10
Number of total messages you can send75
Guild wars rewards
Minimum level150
Minimum number of unique players in the war8
10 war frags8 points
50 war frags50 points
100 war frags110 points
200 war frags240 points
500 war frags700 points
Ab'DendrielRookgaardLiberty BayPort Hope
OkenWater CitySjoerdIncheon
!addonAllows you to get the addons of an outfit when having an addon doll. For example, !addon assassin.
!promotePromotes your character when level 20 or higher.
!sellhouseAllows you to sell your house to a certain players. For example, !sellhouse player name.
!leavehouseMakes you empty your house and leave it ownerless.
!onlineShows how many players are online, and which players.
!serverinfoProvides you with basic information of the server.
!spellsShows you all the spells for your vocation.
!softWill refill your worn out soft boots at the cost of 10k.
!auctionsMakes you able to perform several actions concerning the auction system. For more information, check:
!uptimeShows you how long the server has been running.
!warAllows you to perform several actions concerning wars. For more information, check:
!goAllows guild leaders to change their guild members' outfits into their own.
!bcAllows guild leaders and vice-leaders to send a message to their entire guild.
!blessBlesses you and will protect you against item and experience loss upon death at the cost of 30k. The blessings will expire upon death, too.
!answerAllows you to answer the anti AFK system math questions. For example, !answer 4.
!aolProvides you with an amulet of loss at the cost of 10k.
!bpProvides you with a backpack.
!changesexAllows you to change the gender of your character.
!fragsShows you the amount of frags you have got.
!buyhouseMakes you the owner of an empty house, when standing in front of it when faced towards the door.
!deathlistShows the latest deaths of a player. For example, !deathlist player name.
!commandsProvides you with a list of commands you can execute.
!infoShows you character level, mana & hp.
!expShows how long your increased experience rate from an exp booster lasts.
!freecastlesShows a list of available castles.
!getcastleAllows you to claim a castle if you possess a castle parchment.