Info Value
Magic rate x15
Skills rate x20
Loot rate x2
Protection level 120
Experience rates x300 - x1
Info Value
PZ lock time 45 second(s)
White skull time 3 minute(s)
Red skull time 1 day(s)
Black skull time 2 day(s)
Frags to red skull Daily: 15 | Weekly: 50 | Monthly: 160
Frags to black skull Daily: 30 | Weekly: 100 | Monthly: 320
Info Value
Level required to use offline messages 180
Maximum number of messages to one player 10
Number of total messages you can send 75
Info Value
Minimum level 250
Minimum number of unique players in the war 8
10 war frags 4 points
50 war frags 25 points
100 war frags 60 points
200 war frags 150 points
500 war frags 500 points
Weekly guild wars are reset monthly
1st Place Premium points 3000
2nd Place Premium points 2000
3rd Place Premium points 1000
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Season 4 Patch #2Server MaintenanceWritten by Erza, 25 January 2018, 05:59.51

Dear players,
The following changes have been made and are now live on the server:

  • Fixed a bug that allowed the monster "Satan" to be convinced.
  • Slightly altered the entrance to the batman boss in the Port Hope spawn.
  • Removed ability to get "faded last will" (quest item that looks identical to RS remover) to prevent scams.
  • Fixed an issue with a select few Dicer NPC's in Thais where it wasn't possible to put money on the counter between the depots.
  • Fixed an issue with war arena deaths when death penalty was disabled, which was introduced in the last patch.
  • EXP boosters can now be used up to level 350.
  • GSP has been slightly buffed.
  • Increased server performance.
  • Fixed being able to diagonally pass through the fence in the VIP nightmare spawn.
  • Fixed an issue with Dark Trinity Mace & Golden Helmet quest chests.
  • Fixed various map bugs around Oken.
  • Fixed a missing tile near the boat in the VIP area.
Coming soon:
  • Second world quest to be introduced shortly.
  • Rework of PIN system - Instead of allowing only numbers, text will also be allowed.
  • Teleport clay will be rewritten to feel smoother.
  • New boss mechanics

Top players in the guild event [03rd Week] awarded!EventsWritten by Masiyah staff, 21 January 2018, 23:55.01

Top damage dealers in the guild event for the 03rd week have arrived!
These heroic players faught valiantly and dealt the most damage in the guild event battle grounds thus acquired top 3 positions in most damage dealt and have been rewarded.
Here is the list of the victors:

  1. Sugz [977 548 total damage] - 300 premium points.
  2. G Dragon [922 496 total damage] - 200 premium points.
  3. Creew [827 247 total damage] - 150 premium points.

Season 4 Patch #1Server MaintenanceWritten by Erza, 21 January 2018, 18:12.16

Dear players,
The following changes have been made and are now live on the server:

  • The staff statues in Thais & Edron will now automatically list the current staff members of each position.
  • Fixed missing tiles in Zao & a monster spawning in a wall.
  • VIP Rashid in Incheon & Rookgaard has been replaced with Rashid.
  • Fixed a few misplaced roof borders at the graveyard south of Oken.
  • Decreased the level requirement of the experience door south of VIP undeground from level 325 to 250.
  • Attempted to fix the respawn timers in the Water City frost dragon spawn.
  • Added trapholes event & put additional checks in place for MC & added a short cooldown period to combat botting.
  • Fixed being able to skip a Charizard in the Arcanes Hat quest.
  • Added a level requirement of level 120 to access the Castle boss spawn.
  • Fixed wrong text on muting a player from the game-chat.
  • Fixed numerous teleporters around the map that would teleport you to the old training monk area, which would make you end up on water.
  • Fixed being teleported into the level door upon going down a wrong hole in the native armor quest.
  • Fixed a misplaced border in the tiquanda jungle, missing ground tiles in the tiquanda jungle & unwalkable logs in the tiquanda jungle.
  • Fixed an unreachable dragon lord spawn west of Gengia.
  • Fixed being able to be teleported into a wall at the Fire Storm event.
  • PIN protected characters can no longer be "replace" kicked as long as there's a game client connected to the character.
  • Fixed a few tiles that weren't intended to be walked on in the war arena spectator rooms.
  • Fixed the doors of all houses in Thais & Incheon, which could sometimes cause "aleta grav" not to work correctly. (May not be effective immediately)
  • Fixed a weird client behaviour with sprites that are bigger than 1 square in the Frodo practice rooms.
  • Added a new house protection mechanism, which prevents players who aren't invited to the house to move items to or from the house.
  • Added missing dialogues & keywords to NPC Pemaret & added ability to travel to Eremo's island.
  • Added Eremo at Eremo's island & added all dialogues & keywords.
  • Added ability to add keyword aliases to NPC dialogues, which results in cleaner NPC code.
  • Fixed the price of nose rings for NPC Yasir.
  • Increased the respawn timer of The Horned Fox to 10 minutes.
  • You can now sell draken boots to VIP Rashid.
  • Added ability for characters who are too high level to use experience boosters to still gain the achievement.
  • Fixed level requirements of all doors inside the saturation potion quest.
  • Fixed under certain circumstances being teleported to a wrong destination upon dying when having PIN code protection enabled.
  • Prevented being able to stack players onto 1 tile upon unlocking a character with a PIN code, it will now look for a free tile in a 1 SQM range around you and teleport you to the temple if it can't find a free tile.
  • Fixed an issue that would teleport you back into houses you're no longer invited to when using PIN code protection.
  • Fixed numerous other bugs involving the PIN system.
  • All members of the winning guild will now automatically be invited to the weekly guild castle upon finishing the event. Guild leaders will be placed on the sub-owner list (aleta som).
  • Added ability to buy flower bouquets from NPC Nienna, and made them lootable from Vampire Brides.
  • Fixed Liquid Satan not seeing invisible players in the tibia doll quest.
  • Fixed 1 Liquid Satan being able to escape his tile of land and step onto the cart rails in the tibia doll quest.
  • Added ability to cancel war arena invitations.
  • Fixed the option of disabling the death penalty not working in the war arena if your guild was in a war mode.
  • Added ability to see who summoned creatures - 18:18 You see a fire elemental. It is a summon of Erza.
  • Added ability to see who cast magic fields - 18:19 You see a magic wall. It was cast by Erza.
  • Introduced a new boss called Gaz Horalurk - Find the first hidden quest in VIP city (-1) in order to challenge him!
  • New World quest raid added.
  • Guild Event has been updated - The boss now takes more damage from mages and less from knights/paladins. Additionally, the map has opened up slightly for you to move around more!
  • Fixed missing PZ tiles at the end of the paw amulet quest, which could result in players getting into the temple while being skulled.
Coming soon:
  • Second world quest to be introduced shortly.
  • Rework of PIN system - Instead of allowing only numbers, text will also be allowed.
  • Teleport clay will be rewritten to feel smoother.
  • New boss mechanics

Top achievers [02nd Week] awarded!EventsWritten by Masiyah staff, 14 January 2018, 23:55.01

Top achievers awards for the 02nd week have arrived!
These players were the most active in gaining achievements during the past month, thus acquired top 3 positions and have been rewarded.
Here is the list of the victors:

  1. Hacker Dude [52 achievements] - 300 premium points.
  2. Silverhair Sana [52 achievements] - 150 premium points.
  3. Omjagvaren [44 achievements] - 100 premium points.

Tutor RecruitmentServerWritten by Rohan, 9 January 2018, 07:21.04

Greetings everyone,

We would like to inform you that we are currently in search for new tutors on our server.
What we look at is your activity in help-channel, English skills, along with how much time you can afford to spend daily.
In order to apply, please E-Mail us at: [email protected]

We will decide and announce the new tutors on trial by the end of this week.

We look forward to working with you!