Guild wars [08th Week] awarded!EventsWritten by Masiyah staff, 25 February 2018, 23:55.01

Guild wars event awards for the 08th week have arrived!
These guilds were the most active and acquired top 3 positions during the past month and thus have been rewarded.
Here is the list of the victors:

Guild: Blueblades.
Guild prize: 3000 premium points (250 per player).
Players awarded: Dikamon, Berfin, Silent Raven, Eienstien Beilkoff, Keep, Yuri Oxnex, Explozier, Slayer Tankzor, Dunder Zubbis, Xuando, Mahmut Ferati, Maximoff.

Guild: Egyptian Army.
Guild prize: 2000 premium points (118 per player).
Players awarded: Ta Too Druid, Revenge Master, General, Swantime, Jericho, The Ti To, Sir Oda Pvp, Diego Maradona, Bufel Nolfres, Honda Push Parcel, Execution, Isreal Pvp, Doctor Agzkhana, Dynamite, Mzazngy, Ataturk, Crazy.

Guild: DaaDa TeaM.
Guild prize: 1000 premium points (72 per player).
Players awarded: Belaal Uwkk, Belia, Dantalion, Alami, Hell Ed, Moonziq, Voltz Warmonster, Maori, Marsilo, Alexis Comanda, Kobya, Tu Primos Nigabilon, Anneni Yerim Orhan, Kos Om Sedak.