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Guild OwnerVirre The Viking
Created4 August 2016, 10:56.08
DescriptionFreya lives on the island of Vanaheim in the Baltic Sea sometime during the Bronze Age. Freya is a young priestess of the moon goddess and the daughter of Vanaheim’s queen. One day the chief of Hallunda arrives to inform them that a warlike people –the Æsirs – who burn and pillage on the mainland has attacked his country. Freya and two other priestesses are sent to mediate a peace between the different groups. But their mission fails and the war becomes a fact.
MOTDTS3 IP <> Channel <[TIBIA] Valhalla Vikings of Asgard> ONLINE IN TIBIA AND NOT IN TS = KICK


Rank: Valhalla Vikings
Hell Core Viking (Sorcerer)
Virre The Viking (Druid)
Obin Heal Vikings (Druid)
Rank: Valhallas Viking
Rank: Valhalla Viking
Infernal_NAMELOCKED (Sorcerer)
Xandi (Sorcerer)
Avax Imrin (Sorcerer)
Max Pally (Paladin)
Digital Assassin (Paladin)
Daredevil_NAMELOCKED (Paladin)
Shelfie (Paladin)
Digital Warrior (Knight)
Koppa (Knight)
Flying Vee (Knight)
Golvlampa (Paladin)
Torennto (Knight)
Warproject_NAMELOCKED (Knight)
Drunkinhobo_NAMELOCKED (Druid)
Snoopahontaz (Druid)
Blind Banana (Knight)
Kietyl (Druid)
Unknown Player (Paladin)
Goosebumps (Sorcerer)
Ashtray (Knight)
Hillary Cliton (Paladin)
Danielle De Tarth (Knight)
Pro Nikua (Sorcerer)
Yip Man (Knight)
Stonecutter Knightt (Knight)
Necrozzy_NAMELOCKED (Druid)
Kill Em All (Paladin)
Airo Dega (Druid)
Ater Ater Ater (Sorcerer)
Polladolmen (Druid)
Brutus Undertaker (Druid)
Anubis Woman (Paladin)
Jimpaking (Knight)
Synister_NAMELOCKED (Druid)
Paladinoswindows (Paladin)
Jimpish (Druid)
Flukz Ek (Knight)
Pirlozz De Roi (Druid)
What_NAMELOCKED (Knight)
Bamer (Paladin)
Hanzel (Sorcerer)
Balnnaszar Conde (Sorcerer)
Hyllo (Paladin)
Ganja Muffin (Druid)
Saffran (Druid)
Tomatms (Sorcerer)
Limp Dick (Druid)

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