Monthly guild wars statistics are reset every 30 days.
1st Place: 3000 Points
2nd Place: 2000 Points
3rd Place: 1000 Points
The prize pool is split amongst all members in the winning guilds.
Guilds which have less than 30 frags OR less than 4 players are not eligible to receive the reward.

Monthly Top Guilds

602 War Frags

Egyptian Army
199 War Frags

157 War Frags

PlaceNameWar Frags
4th Whyclick 86
5th Ciao Adios 82
6th DaaDa TeaM 58
7th Big Bong Theory 56
8th Kurtlar Vadisi Pussy 50
9th Hellscream 47
10th Angry Kongras 43
11th Tokyo Team 31
12th CUKUR 17
13th Los rati 17
14th Professionals 16
15th Nameles 12