Weekly guild wars are reset at the end of Sunday, every week.
1st Place: 3000 Points
2nd Place: 2000 Points
3rd Place: 1000 Points
The prize pool is split amongst all members in the winning guilds.

03rd Weekly Top Guilds

DaDaa TeaM
354 War Frags

281 War Frags

Selamin Aleykum
134 War Frags

PlaceNameWar Frags
4th Its NO Fear 33
5th Renegade 33
6th Pro Forma PL 27
7th How We Livin 21
8th Deatth Is Near 17
9th Last Hit 16
10th Reckless 16
11th Dont Respect 9
12th Fucker Mother 7
13th Bey 6
14th Les Drari 6
15th Bounty Hunters 5