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Country:Bosnia and Herzegowina Bosnia and Herzegowina
Created:4 September 2017, 23:41.38
Last login:Online now
Vocation:Epic Royal Paladin
Married to:(none)
House:Seagull Walk 1
Kills/Deaths/Assists:1.50 (0/2/3) (last 30 days)


Quests: 10/60
Tasks: 74/99
Addons: 5/23
Quest NameQuest Name
Annihilator Assassination Quest
Banshee Quest Beginners Quest
Behemoth Quest Black Knight Quest
Clock Tower Quest Crusader Helmet Quest
Darashia Dragon Quest Demon Helmet Quest
Demon Oak Desert Quest
Dwarven Armor Quest Dwarven Legs Quest
Elemental Spheres Quest Emperors Cookie Quest
Ferumbras Doll Quest Fire Axe Quest
Fury's Legacy Glorious Quest
Gower Quest Inquisition
Koshei the Deathless Quest League of Legends Quest
Legionaire Quest Living Star Quest
Lost City Quest Mean Green Quest
Medusa Shield Quest Mount Houst Quest
Mysterious Quest Naginata Quest
Native Armor Quest Nightmare Doll Quest
Omega Quest Orc Fortress Quest
Orceus Treasure Quest Phrodomo Quest
Pits of Inferno Quest of Annoyance
Richmans Quest Royal Rose armor Quest
Sacrifice Quest Solar Cloak Quest
Spoderman Quest Stamina Refiller Quest
The Ancient Tombs The Arcane Maze
The Defender Quest The Flash Quest
The Jester Quest The Lost Kingdom
The Paradox Tower The Quest of Desolation
Tibia Doll Quest Ultimate Annihilator
Undead Quest Vampire Quest
Wrath of the Emperor Quest Yalahari Quest

Player skills

MagicLevel 35
FistLevel 100 Experience
ClubLevel 1156 Experience
SwordLevel 100 Experience
AxeLevel 100 Experience
DistanceLevel 1351949229 Experience
ShieldingLevel 109761554 Experience
FishingLevel 622365 Experience

Player deaths

DateAt levelKillers
15 February 2018, 23:27.48 388 Jug, Pallyfromally, Morloth, Dempish, a undead dragon.
11 February 2018, 15:10.05 385 a blightwalker, a plaguesmith, a son of verminor, a defiler.
8 February 2018, 22:51.41 382 Anti AFK Monster.
8 February 2018, 17:32.31 383 a hellfire fighter.
4 February 2018, 07:57.41 379 a betrayed wraith, a lost soul.
3 February 2018, 18:32.32 370 Anti AFK Monster, a betrayed wraith, a lost soul.
1 February 2018, 23:07.50 369 a makara, a young makara.
30 January 2018, 23:38.59 368 Ryan, a party animal, Bufel Nolfres, Remikos.
30 January 2018, 13:42.57 366 Anti AFK Monster, a quara predator.
25 January 2018, 09:35.55 364 a demon, a lost soul, a betrayed wraith.

Player frags

14 February 2018, 21:46.32 She fragged Ryan at level 313 (Justified).
14 February 2018, 21:39.32 She fragged Toxo at level 336 (Justified).
14 February 2018, 21:39.26 She fragged Ryan at level 312 (Justified).
9 January 2018, 00:46.45 She fragged Uoni at level 131 (Justified).
8 January 2018, 19:48.58 She fragged Mackfresh at level 122 (Justified).
6 January 2018, 02:17.21 She fragged Blento at level 157 (Unjustified).
6 January 2018, 02:14.45 She fragged Elder Warzone at level 254 (Unjustified).
6 January 2018, 02:14.17 She fragged Czarny Rychu at level 149 (Justified).
4 January 2018, 14:20.21 She fragged Dantalion at level 225 (Justified).
4 January 2018, 13:56.09 She fragged Gugo at level 249 (Unjustified).


Secret Gold Digger4Hidden treasures below the sand dunes of the desert - you have a nose for finding them and you know where to dig. They might not make you filthy rich, but they're shiny and pretty anyhow.
Secret Ashes to Dust3Staking vampires and demons has almost turned into your profession. You make sure to gather even the tiniest amount of evil dust particles. Beware of silicosis.
Trophy Hunter3Experienced hunter.
Fear of Rabbits2Bypassing the scariest rabbit in the world.
Prefer beaches2You're not so fond of cold places, why not spend a day at the beach instead?
Rather try ice fishing2Heat is not really your thing? Why not try some ice fishing?
Traveler3Grabbing your trusty backpack you traveled across the lands visiting all cities. Way to go, traveler.
Secret Veteran3You've been around quite a while now haven't you.
Allowance Collector2You certainly have your ways when it comes to acquiring money. Many of them are pink and paved with broken fragments of porcelain.
Annihilator2You've daringly jumped into the infamous Annihilator and survived - taking home fame, glory and your reward.
Demon slayer2You're a legitimate master of Demons.
Secret Donator2Dolla dolla bill y'all!
Secret Fireworks in the Sky2You love the moment right before your rocket takes off and explodes into beautiful colours - not only on new year's eve!
Here, Fishy Fishy!2Ah, the smell of the sea! Standing at the shore and casting a line is one of your favourite activities. For you, fishing is relaxing - and at the same time, providing easy food. Perfect!
Secret Higher than rooftops2You smoke more moonrocks than Snoop Dogg.
Safer than Pandora's box!2You keep your things to yourself and yourself only.
Trapmaster2You avoided all the trapholes and were victorious as last one standing!
Brothers in Arms1Welcome to the Guild.
Captain Hook1Wannabe Spiderman.
Choking on Her Venom1The Old Widow fell prey to your supreme hunting skills.
Divorce1You were just not meant to be.
Exchanger1Tokens exchanger.
GameGuard1You have set your foot direction towards the correct path.
Hunter1Beginner hunter.
Journey1This is just the beginning of your journey. There are plenty more things to discover on higher levels.
King Tibianus Fan1You are the most epic of epic adventurers.
Marriage1Love at first sight?
Merchant1Professional trader.
Mysterious1Lady luck is smiling.
Secret Postman1Dear friend or lover.
Resident legal1You're a strong independent player, you don't need a bot in your life.
Secret Santa's Little Helper1Not on Santa's naughty list.
Sssss!1Not so bad on Snake.
Tasker1Beginning of a young adventurer.
This is Sparta!1Proving your superiority in the deathmatch grounds.
Aristocrat4Outfit master Aristocrat.
Powergamer4Your dedication to leveling finally paid off. You are among the best.
Generosity of the Emperor3A casket of never-ending mana would have been nice, but I guess this will do.
Ice Sculptor4You love to hang out in cold surroundings and consider ice the best material to be shaped. What a waste to use ice cubes for drinks when you can create a beautiful mammoth statue from it!
Assassin's creed3You simply love the thrill of killing.
Jokes on You3You ain't going nowhere, fool.
Pokémon Slayer3Gotta kill 'em all. Pokémon! Professor Oak won't be too happy to hear about your Pokédex progress.
Deathrunner2You ran for your life, guess that worked out.
Dominator2Pushmaster numero uno.
Last Man Standing Legend2You triumph on the battlefield. Leaving only one man standing, you.
The Devil2Defeating the fallen Angel.
Wardrobe2You just don't know what to wear today. Better start collecting all outfits so you always look fabulous.
Blessed!2You single handedly funded a whole church with the money from all your blessings.
Exp, Exp, Exp!2Powergaming at its finest.
Football superstar2You are the Ronaldo of Masiyah.
Mathemagician2Sometimes the biggest 'secrets' of life can have a simple solution.
Potion Addict2Your local magic trader considers you one of his best customers - you usually buy large stocks of potions so you won't wake up in the middle of the night craving for more. Yet, you always seem to run out of them too fast. Cheers!
Riddler2Riddle me this, riddle me that. You just finished the assassination quest.
Conquer1Catching the Flag once and for all.
Driver1Too bad the carts are on rails. I bet you would love to drift through Thais.
Firewalker1Master of the game 'the floor is lava'.
Look out!1Showing who's the true bombza.
Suicide Squad1Do not fear death, child.
Zompy1The walking Masiyan.

Other characters

NameWorldVocationLatest login
Jacq (339)Masiyah Knight20 February 2018, 10:29.28
Racq (395)Masiyah Paladin20 February 2018, 15:07.53

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