Guild wars [48th Week] awarded!EventsWritten by Masiyah staff, 2 December 2018, 23:55.01

Guild wars event awards for the 48th week have arrived!
These guilds were the most active and acquired top 3 positions during the past month and thus have been rewarded.
Here is the list of the victors:

Guild prize: 3000 premium points (167 per player).
Players awarded: Oldish, Legend, Markito, Your Nightmare, Obinviking, Obinatorhehe Exde, Siadaj, Abo Abdo, Optic Death, Thauron, One Man Army, Blueberry Kush, Brazuuka, Mighty Oka, Benatti, Furious, Perceptive Jedi, Scodza.

Guild: we com fuck mystic.
Guild prize: 2000 premium points (182 per player).
Players awarded: Mamadou, Remikos, Twoopac, Mr Elroth, Daniel Bayzon, Crazy Slayer, Yuri Oxnex, Yoeloyelo, Mahmut Ferati, Executioner Squath, Mobizen.

Guild: Asura Dominando.
Guild prize: 1000 premium points (125 per player).
Players awarded: Siktir Lan, All Addons Easy, Robelito, Crack, Blyatman, Katapulitk Ropel, Jaarataargh, Elder Sorcerer.