War eventEventsWritten by Rohan, 5 November 2018, 18:30.27

Dear Masiyans,
We would like to announce an upcoming War Event!

How will it work (may vary):
There will be fights between each Teams (consisting of a maximum of 6 players per team).
The winning teams will fight against each other, until there is only one team remaining.
SSA's will be disabled in this event.

When will the event be held:
This Friday, 20:00 CET

How can I join:
You can apply with your teams at [email protected] up until Thursday 8th November 23:59 CET
You can also name an additional 2 players for substitutions.

Depending on how many teams apply, there will be a grand total shared prizepool of 30,000 premium points for the 4 top teams.

  • You need to be the Leader of the Team. Applying people that are not part of your team may lead to disqualification
  • Every participant has to be at least level 200
  • Participants cannot be in more than one team

  • This tournament will also be livestreamed at https://www.twitch.tv/infernoxiss

    Brackets are now availible at: Challonge!


    Blue Team: Legend, Markito, Anzo International, Xeio Hardmechaincs, Madrada Sequestrador, Benatti
    Green Team: Elwind, Depression, Hypnose Pvp, Arawn, Kendo Kapony, Master Erdi. Subs: Volkan Prokid, Alerquina Rullez
    Yellow Team: Thyon , Knullbar , Gawad , Huntry , Ayola , Naraseel. Subs: Sir lucifer , Ziggy
    Red Team: Yuri aka parcelo, Banka Pvpe, Siadaj, Oldish, Kubay, Mighty oka. Sub: Yuri oxnex
    White Team: Toxo, Ivan Autumn, Ali D Brainreader, Activated Turbo Moro, Pure, Furious. Sub: Javito running noobs
    Black Team: Just Tanking, Twoopac, Hawky, Splitter, Crazy Slayer, Tengri. Subs: Mamadou, Menace to Society


  • 15 minutes max per battle
  • No SSA
  • Random map selected by the host
  • 15 frag limit
  • 5 minutes to gather your team members when you are summoned between 20:00-00:00 CET
  • Prize pool 30,000 points

  • 1st place: 15,000 - Red team
  • 2nd place: 7500 - Blue team
  • 3rd place: 5000 - Black team
  • 4th place: 2500 - Green team
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