Guild wars [44th Week] awarded!EventsWritten by Masiyah staff, 4 November 2018, 23:55.01

Guild wars event awards for the 44th week have arrived!
These guilds were the most active and acquired top 3 positions during the past month and thus have been rewarded.
Here is the list of the victors:

Guild prize: 3000 premium points (84 per player).
Players awarded: Legend, Markito, Quntalix, Riwas, Seven Up, Mordorion, Noobie, Oldish, Hakisha Bic, Kubay, Obinatorhehe Exde, Ghaz Baran, Abo Abdo, Optic Death, One Man Army, Your Nightmare, Zuvux, Anzo International, Mertschaker, Sultan Bakkali, Slave Knight, Suttles, Mighty Oka, Netroyz, Madrada Sequestrador, Zahura, Ryan, Toxo, Benatti, Elder Jounz, Selvester, Brutenknigge, Virre The Paladin, Xeio Hardmechaincs, Paralizer, Invictus.

Guild: High AF.
Guild prize: 2000 premium points (182 per player).
Players awarded: Hawky, Tengri, Splitter, Haysend, Borgerr Pvp, Myth Bruss Lee, Ortens Ray, Zielona Latarnia, Megaman, Ivan Autumn, Jr Skruven.

Guild: mathematic.
Guild prize: 1000 premium points (67 per player).
Players awarded: Azior, Czastka Boga, Nazista, Qex Aka More, Qex, Draxx Pvp, Siadaj, Konichiwa Tankzor, Oritech, Nilson, Jackson Teller, Czastka Fazy, Bielu, Azior Aka Parcel, Faza Unpushable.