Season 5 Patch #2Server MaintenanceWritten by Erza, 12 June 2018, 05:06.12

Dear players,
The following changes have been made and are now live:

  • Added the Asura Palace as new spawn, the stats of the Asuras are customized and can be seen at the custom monsters page
  • Fix the Yalahar gate NPC's teleporting you to wrong positions
  • Added the scale armor quest in Thais
  • Stop NPC Ubaid from appearing multiple times in the Green Djinn fortress
  • Rewrote the mystery gift lottery script, it will now also deliver the gift to your depot in case you don't have sufficient space in your main backpack
  • Added possibility to lock the door to the Fibula dungeon with key 3940
  • Fixed the observation slits in the first mission of the Wrath of the Emperor Quest sometimes becoming stuck in the open or closed state (again)
  • Fixed boss room bans not being lifted automatically
  • Fixed keywords & travel destinations of Port Hope travel NPC's
  • Made the messages you get when progressing in the new world quest more visible
  • Fixed the gate NPC's in Yalahar requiring VIP to pass the gates
  • Adjusted the experience & hp of monsters in the new world quest, as well as the bosses experience
  • Changed the location of some teleporters in the new world quest
  • Fixed some NPC's in Svargrond requiring VIP to travel with them
  • Fixed a PZ bug in the boss rooms in the new world quest
  • Added a few trap monsters in the boss rooms of the new world quest
  • Players will now see the name of the staff member that banned them from the boss rooms
  • Adjusted the loot of Chizzoron the Distorter & some Drakens to be more accurate
  • Added more locations to the loot crate event
  • Added 2 new monsters
  • Trinkets have been buffed in the following way:
    • Daramans Trinket: +3 magic level -> +5 magic level
    • Warrior Trinket: +300 hp -> +600 hp
    • Assassin Trinket: +5 distance -> +6 distance & +2 magic level