Season 5 Patch #1Server MaintenanceWritten by Erza, 7 June 2018, 01:43.11

Dear players,
The following changes have been made and will be applied with tonights patch:

  • When buying a house, the message will now inform you of the rent cost and when it will be paid for the first time
  • Added a ban system for boss rooms to compliment a new rule regarding boss rooms, see the server rules for more information
  • Added a level requirement (level 150) to be eligible to win a mystery gift in the lottery, as well as limiting it to only connected clients being eligible (exiting the client will cause you to not be eligible anymore)
  • Indicated the broadcasts of a new world quest better, they now have a *WORLD QUEST* prefix
  • Fixed players not facing the correct direction on floorchange via height objects - before & after
  • The last experience stage has been changed from 0.5x to 1x, due to a recent poll
  • Adjusted the location you spawn at when entering the reward room of the Demon Oak Quest
  • Added angelic axe to NPC Nah'bob's buy list
  • Fixed players being kicked out of the frodo practice rooms too early in some cases
  • Allowed special buff potions like berserk potion to stack with buff skills like utito tempo
  • Fixed a typo on a blackboard at the frodo game
  • Removed a few non-logout tiles near the frodo game
  • Fixed the corpse decay of Lord of the Elements & made it skinnable to obtain neutral matter
  • Fixed a PZ bug in deluxe castle spawns, as well as house zones in most deluxe castles
  • Fixed map bugs in the VIP defiler spawn
  • Fixed the observation slits in the first mission of the Wrath of the Emperor Quest sometimes becoming stuck in the open or closed state
  • Rewrote the VIP Medal script as it could sometimes cause the days not to be added to the account properly
  • Fixed the stamina penalty not being applied when dying to the Anti AFK Monster
  • Fixed the corpse decay times of draken warmaster & lizard dragon priest
  • Fixed the target changing boss mechanic ignoring exeta res in certain cases
  • Venom's UE attack has been changed from earth damage to holy damage
  • Adjusted some immunities on boss monsters
  • Made magic level & exp boosters available in the shop
  • Added magma amulet & magma monocle as possible loot from Famine, Pestilence & War
  • Fixed door access list saving in house "Darashia, Eastern Guild Hall"
  • Fixed various map bugs inside the depot of Thais
  • Fixed monsters sometimes spawning twice in the Mount Houst Quest
  • Dicer NPC's have returned and are here to stay