Season 4 Patch #3Server MaintenanceWritten by Erza, 14 March 2018, 01:36.23

Dear players,
The following changes have been made and will be applied soon:

  • Changed the Respawn time of Batman in Port Hope from 4 minutes to 5 minutes
  • Changed the monsters you face prior to getting to the boss "Gaz Horalurk"
  • Fixed the blackboards in the football arenas being editable by players
  • Fixed being able to be pushed onto the Mad King's entrance tile
  • Fixed a typo in the description of the trophy you get when winning a DeathRun event
  • Fixed being able to be teleported into a house you're not invited to anymore when removing a PIN code
  • Fixed being unable to proceed in the Native Armor quest
  • Fixed being able to skip the "Maze" boss in the Jester Doll quest
  • Removed a random teleporter on the water near the Gengia boat
  • Added a missing ladder in Shadowthorn
  • Fixed being unable to go back down the stairs in the Inquisition quest while being PZ locked
  • Fixed a few border map bugs in the Tiquanda jungle
  • Fixed various map bugs near spawns around Gengia
  • Added a missing sparkle in the Hard boss room
  • Corrected the text on signs inside the boss rooms
  • Attempted to fix Gangplank & Miss Fortune not respawning in the League of Legends quest
  • Attempted to fix Vayne not respawning in the League of Legends quest
  • Attempted to fix Arceus sometimes spawning twice
  • Attempted to fix the Bazirs at the start of the Royal Rose Armor quest not respawning
  • Added NPC Benjamin in the Gengia depot
  • Attempted to fix Wun Wun not respawning in the Native Armor quest
  • Adjusted how the help-channel bot Chronos displays the time you can train for after exiting the client
  • Fixed the Anti AFK System sometimes triggering even while being outside the PZ in the boss rooms
  • Added a missing PZ area in the boat in the east part of Water City
  • Replaced NPC Varkhal with NPC Jean Cloth Van Damme in Oken
  • Fixed the name of house "Rookgaard #13"
  • Fixed being able to step outside of the boat diagonally in the Warlock super spawn
  • Added a PZ area in the entrance room of the Arcane Hat quest
  • The "!sellhouse" command will now only work if you're standing inside of the house that the character owns
  • Fixed being able to trade items that are laying in the doors of houses if you're not invited to the house
  • Fixed NPC Dalbrect requiring VIP when trying to travel to the Isle of Kings
  • Fixed an issue with Orceus in the Mean Green quest, now everyone who participated in killing him will be awarded the quest progress
  • Fixed issues with some tiles in normal Castles not belonging to the same Castle
  • Made it easier to adjust settings about the Anti AFK System on the fly
  • Disabled the Anti AFK System
Coming soon:
  • Next up: Snowball event
  • Rework of PIN system - Instead of allowing only numbers, text will also be allowed.
  • Teleport clay will be rewritten to feel smoother.
  • New boss mechanics