Info Value
Magic rate x20
Skills rate x30
Loot rate x2
Protection level 80
Experience rates x400 - x0.5
Info Value
PZ lock time 60 second(s)
White skull time 3 minute(s)
Red skull time 1 day(s)
Black skull time 2 day(s)
Frags to red skull Daily: 15 | Weekly: 50 | Monthly: 160
Frags to black skull Daily: 30 | Weekly: 100 | Monthly: 320
Info Value
Level required to use offline messages 180
Maximum number of messages to one player 10
Number of total messages you can send 75
Info Value
Minimum level 150
Minimum number of unique players in the war 8
10 war frags 8 points
50 war frags 50 points
100 war frags 110 points
200 war frags 240 points
500 war frags 700 points
Weekly guild wars are reset at the end of Sunday, every week
1st Place Premium points 3000
2nd Place Premium points 2000
3rd Place Premium points 1000
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110 War Frags

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Pinned Forum AnnouncementServer Written by Rohan

Dear community,
We proudly present our very own made Forum we've been working on for the past 6 days!
We've added a Reddit-type feature system with upvotes and downvotes so the stronger your opinions are allied, the more visible it will become!
We have also added a notification system so you can easily keep track of your posts, detailed customizable profiles, a private messaging system (new fast way to contact staff members!), follow system, plenty of subforums along with some new minor features.

Activity contest:

The top 3 most active players on the forum will receive 1000 points each and the top 10 most active players on the forum will receive 500 points. on 27th of July.
RoHaN-OTs games have been bugged for some people who needed to use a VPN in order to play games - This issue is now resolved!
Get in there and start earning them points!

Quick guide - Create Link your RoHaN-OTs account to Masiyah!

Pinned Server PatchServer Maintenance Written by undercover

Dear Masiyans,
The following updates are now live on the server:

  • Ability to sell characters - You can now sell one of your characters for premium points. You will receive 80% of the final bid that other players placed on your character in premium points. Adding a character to auctions is completely free of charge, only requirement is that it's above level 300 and it is added to auctions within 48 hours and you may cancel it within this time. You will receive 80% of the final bid that other players placed on your character in premium points. You can sell your character at your account page next to the edit/delete button.
  • Forum to be launched in the evening - We have finished up our forum and are planning to launch it in the evening, after a few final polishing touches. The website will be temporarily unavailable until then.
  • Loot Bonus Essences - Creatures on Masiyah now have a chance to spawn a monster essence after being killed. By stepping on this essence you will reap it's loot buff reward.
    Certain equipment and stats can increase the chance of getting an essence!
    Essences will double your loot rate for a limited amount of time.
  • Random lottery - The random 20 minutes lottery contest is now availible exclusively for GameGuard users.

Pinned Masiyah Season ThreeGeneral Written by Rohan

For more info about Season 3 click here.

Server PatchServer Maintenance Written by Erza, 18 July 2017, 05:34.16

Dear Masiyans,
The following updates are now live on the server:

  • Super spawns - Lowered the cost of entering Super spawns to 50 game tokens.
  • Anti AFK System in CTF event - We have added an Anti AFK System in the Capture The Flag event, which will punish you with jail time for AFKing in the event.
  • GameGuard only achievements - 4 new achievements have been added. Those are GameGuard exclusive, thus can only be earned by using the GameGuard client.
  • Changed the way the Anti AFK question is asked - It has come to our attention that players could sometimes become unable to move because of the informational popup in which the question was asked. This problem should be resolved now, additionally prevented bots from being able to read out the mathematical question.
  • Delay between advertisement messages - We have added a 1 minute delay between messages in the advertisement channel. This should make it more comfortable to read through messages.
  • Prevented the use of "Paralyze beam" in the Zombie event - You can now no longer use the spell "Paralyze beam", also known as "exevo ani hur" in the zombie event.
  • Removed the lottery tickets from NPC Sandra - The lottery tickets which were required to earn the first summoner addon, or first mage addon if your character is female have been removed. Sandra will now roll a dice for you instead and determine if you won the lottery that way.

We're also hosting a contest which ends on 26th of July. The objective is to earn as many achievements as possible until then.
Keep in mind not all the achievements can be easily found on the website because they're secret, so keep exploring!
  • 1st place: Deluxe castle
  • 2nd place: Normal castle

Login issuesGeneral Written by undercover, 17 July 2017, 15:58.00

We are aware of the login issues persistent since past 2 days, and are doing everything in our power in order to resolve them.

As a temporary solution for those who cannot connect, please use the following IP in order to login:, but make sure to put port 7170 instead of the standard one (or put if you are using otland IP changer).

One can also use to login too (using the standard 7171 port).