Info Value
Magic rate x30
Skills rate x45
Loot rate x2
Protection level 80
Experience rates x700 - x0.5
Info Value
PZ lock time 60 second(s)
White skull time 3 minute(s)
Red skull time 1 day(s)
Black skull time 2 day(s)
Frags to red skull Daily: 15 | Weekly: 50 | Monthly: 160
Frags to black skull Daily: 30 | Weekly: 100 | Monthly: 320
Info Value
Level required to use offline messages 180
Maximum number of messages to one player 10
Number of total messages you can send 75
Info Value
Minimum level 150
Minimum number of unique players in the war 8
10 war frags 8 points
50 war frags 50 points
100 war frags 110 points
200 war frags 240 points
500 war frags 700 points
Weekly guild wars are reset at the end of Sunday, every week
1st Place Premium points 3000
2nd Place Premium points 2000
3rd Place Premium points 1000
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454 War Frags

DaDaa TeaM
422 War Frags

227 War Frags


Pinned Server patch notesServer Written by Masiyah Staff, 21 January 2017, 03:03.55

  • Few map bugs fixed & respawn timers adjusted
  • 3 new quests introduced (Guardian robe & 2 parts of the secret doll)
  • 2 new hidden spawns added
Pinned Masiyah Season TwoGeneral Written by Rohan, 19 December 2016, 00:05.08

Dear Masiyans, we would like to announce and give you a warm welcome to season 2.

Masiyah is a 8.6 complete Real Map server with many additional custom towns, monsters & content!
Whether you love to war, RPG:ing or discovering new things - Masiyah is the OTS for you.
Join us today and enjoy several custom long quests along with PvP and massive wars!

Basic Info:

Protection level: 80
Skill Rate: 45
Magic Level Rate: 30
Loot Rate: 2.x
Client: 8.6

PZ lock time: 60 seconds
White skull time: 3 minutes
Red skull time: 1 day
Black skull time: 2 days
Frags to red skull - Daily: 15 | Weekly: 50 | Monthly: 160
Frags to black skull - Daily: 30 | Weekly: 100 | Monthly: 320


- Real Map 8.6 + several custom towns
- Weekly guild frag rewards with points & mentions
- A lot of new quests, spawns & monsters to explore in unknown towns
- Public poll system - Anyone can startup a poll for mere 20 points
- Custom AI bosses - challenging bosses with unique AI, attacks, and loot sharing mechanisms
- Masiyah Wikia
- Loads of ways to earn Free Points
- Beginner & Veteran guide
- A lot of unique events
- Bounty hunter
- Offline auctions
- Offline messaging system
- Offline training
- Anti-kick system. Lost connection to your internet? Thanks to our system you will have a big chance of surviving!
- Active staff members
- Addon bonuses
- Daily tasks
- Partnered Twitch streamers, you can also become a streamer!
- Anti-AFK system on high level
- Achievements
- PIN security system
- You get points on every character 20 pts at level 250, 50 pts at 350, 100 pts at 450, and 200 pts at 500 as well.
- Referal system
- Custom built replica of real towns war arena replica
- Fully working quest log for each quest
- Reworked rookgaard and hell rookgaard
- Adventerous quests
- Over 30 custom adventurous RPG quests and all real tibia quests
- All real tibia raids + 20 custom raids
- 10.x real tibia respawn system
- Well balanced professions


- Weekly guild event
- Zombie event
- Deathmatch event
- Event creature
- Capture the flag (CTF)
- Last man standing (LMS)
- Boss room event
- World event battles between ForgottenL & Masiyah
- Trivia
- Live streamed staff events

For more information on the events, please visit:


24/7 available: Frodo ("Trap" betting game), Snake, Pacman, Bomberman, Football, Chess, Tic-tac, Casino

Masiyah official introduction video:

    List of some changes from season 1:

  • Lower exp stage at all stages.
  • Increased respawn timer massively on bosses in all major quests.
  • Lowered custom weapons damage, defensive stats on custom eq & balanced SD/UE's.
  • 4 new custom quests added.
  • Achievement system & PIN system returns.
  • Advanced guild war arenas.
  • Re-adjusted level requirements for everything such as events, spells, quests etc.

  • You are also warmly welcome to join our very own Discord group

Regarding forcing red skulls on playersGeneral Written by Masiyah Staff, 19 January 2017, 18:09.13

A new rule has been added:

  • Repeatedly intentionally dying to a player - In order to make him red skulled.
    Punishment: Banishment / Final banishment or Deletion of all characters including mains if done with MC. (For everyone involved)


Dicer NPCEvents Written by Masiyah Staff, 18 January 2017, 18:41.55

Dicer NPC's have been added to the game.
You can find them in Thais, Carlin & Venore depots.
He accepts crystal coins & gold nuggets only and has a payout of 80%.
Good luck!

Security warningGeneral Written by Masiyah Staff, 17 January 2017, 19:43.42

Keep in mind that the one and ONLY website you should use is
If there's any special promotion it will only be on our Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Twitch page, so do not enter any other links.