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Autumn patch v1.Server Written by RoHaN, 22 August 2016, 07:08.34

Dear Masiyans,
Autum is here closing by, our school/college/work is starting.. but that will not stop us!
We are here yet again for you with another patch.

Boss arena remade - Up to 3 monsters may spawn at once, more bosses added & up to 20 players allowed inside.
Fixed so you cannot trash bosses/mc in boss event room anymore.
Anti-AFK bypass added to shop.
Utito tempo now also buffs your fist fighting *hint*
Fixed so you cannot summon creatures in Frodo.
Fixed exevo ani hur so it also works on monsters.
Added PZ Zone to last mammoth totem in Omega Quest.
Added few more islands with Mammoth Totems in The Flash Quest.
Fixed level req doors in Orceus Quest (players couldn't use magic walls).
Increased spawntime of minions in League of Legends Area from 60 to 180.
Blastoise spawn changed in order to prevent blocking path to it.
Charizard spawn changed in order to prevent blocking path to it.
New Guild war arena
Big castle island for Guild Weekly Tournament - more info soon!

Surprise patch!Events Written by Arthevariel, 20 August 2016, 04:00.08

Dear Masiyans,

This is list of patches we went live today:

Removed Game-Chat and Trade Chat, instead players have now Advertisement Channel for PvP targets, advertising, guild member recruitment, quest team gathering or anything alike.
New item introduced
2 New Quests and hunting area.
Buff Legendary Weapons +5
Changes in Flash Boots (+12% death protection & +3 dist)

In addition, some map changes/fixes/content:

Replaced carts in fenrock into teleports.
Added pz tile under Mammoth totem and every exit way in Living Star Quest.

Patch + Event creatureGeneral Written by Masiyah Staff, 18 August 2016, 22:14.04

Dear Masiyans,
Some of the patches we went live with today are:
GW Frag points reward increased
Adding new Daily Tasks and TGYoshi Tasks
Nerfed all knight weapons above 80 damage by 5-10, and bow of the galdhrim by 5, chainbolter by 5 & SD is nerfed by 5%
250/300 attack weapons super nerfed
2 new quests and a boss, 2 mini bosses
A whole new league of legends island filled several champions for level 600+
War arena (PVP-E) added to VIP same place as spectator area

  • In addition, some map changes/fixes/content:
  • Added Orceus Treasure Quest in Orc Fortress with reward chest.
  • Added Orceus Treasure Quest doors and tp in Vip Teleports.
  • Removed last doors in Omega Quest, replaced it with another Mammoth Totem.
  • Added info about training rooms for Frodo Betting Game on Blackboard.
  • Sorted quests in Vip Teleports by lvl.
  • Changed destination of venore temple tp to correct trainers.
  • Blackboard @ frodo Betting Game - added "Also standing on lever tile without at least 1 GN on bet is punishable."
  • Changed one of the coal basins to Thais Temple teleport. (frodo betting game)
  • Adjusted spawn size of bosses in Legionaire Quest and increased spawn time from 60 to 400.
  • Added League of Legends Quest doors and tp in Vip Teleports.
  • Removed hole to Dreamer Challenge Quest / Replaced it with tp to correct way.
  • Removed furnitures in Frodo Betting Game
  • Lowered spawntime of Daitya on Rookgard to 120 from 400 + changed her spawn place to little smaller.
  • Remade Makara/Young Makara spawners to smaller ones for every group of monsters instead of 1 big spawn for all.
  • Added no pvp tiles to Frodo betting game.
  • Fixed ramp in Warlocks Super Spawn.
  • Fixed stairs in super spawn hellfire fighters (pz added to stairs so you cant jump up with skull to pz zone)
  • Removed some volcano on Omega Quest
  • Changed Walls in some of the Thais houses to let owners put deco on them.
  • Fixed Dabura Hideout stairs.
  • Omega Quest is pvp now.
  • Added PVP-E to GW Arena Spectator(edited)
  • Frost VIP - Fixed ground after using stairs.
  • Fixed minor wall bug underground Ab'dendriel.
  • Fixed Pyre dragon lords hole.
  • Closed one small room in PoI (not important one) due to unexplained reasons.
  • Added depo tiles in Frodo Game (anything under 80lvl was able to steal their money)
  • Changed value of gold nuggets from 21 to 20 in VIP Island quest room for Richmans Quest.
  • Added new area with 2 mini bosses and boss. (Orc Fortress)
  • Added TP that leads back to VIP from Plaguesmith tp.
  • Added PZ Zone to Event Island.
  • Removed non-pvp on Inqusition teleports room since it has been abused to lose pz.

Summer patch v10Server Written by RoHaN, 16 August 2016, 19:08.53

Dear Masiyans,
We proudly present our final patch for summer.
We will still however continue doing updates and content for higher levels (600+) throughout the year till winter.

  • BP SSA & Stamina refiller bag added to shop
  • GW Frag points reward increased
  • 450+ quest for starlight amulet
  • Nerfed HP of white walkers, wun wun, jon snow & rhaegal and added MDS to briennes loot & frag remover to white walker
  • Adding new bosses to boss event room
  • Adding new daily & tgyoshi tasks
  • Nerfing all knight weapons above 80 damage by 5-10, and bow of the galdhrim by 5, chainbolter by 5 & SD is already nerfed by 5% previous week so it wont change
  • 250/300 attack weapons will be super nerfed if poll goes through
  • 1 new quest with a boss, 2 mini bosses
  • A whole new league of legends island filled several champions for level 600+
  • Wrath of Emperor Quest
  • War arena (PVP-E) added to VIP same place as spectator area
  • AI bosses introduced later
  • Big custom RPG Quest
  • A new SMS payment method for most countries

  • The 4 new spells are for level 500 and above, 1 for each vocation.
    Knights - exori max - Ultimate Berserk - Stronger and faster version of Fierce Berserk (exori gran)
    Paladins - utito tempo max san - Ultimate Sharpshooter - Gives you 10% more distance than utito tempo san and lasts only 2.5 seconds with a 2.5 seconds cooldown.
    Sorcerers - exevo gran mas mort - Deaths core - Causes Death Damage on 73 squares around the caster. It is stronger than hells core.
    Druids - exura max res - Stronger heal than exura gran mas res, strong hastes, removes all conditions(curse, fire etc.) on all players and summons around the caster and will also heal the caster.

    Also a reminder for beginners, you get points on every character you have 20 pts at 250, 50 pts at 350, 100 pts at 450, and 200 pts at 500 and here are some ways you can obtain premium points for free: Free Points

    Guild wars!Events Written by RoHaN, 16 August 2016, 17:26.21

    Did you know that the rewards for guild war frags have been increased?
    You now get points for each guild member after a war:

    • 10 war frags 5 points
    • 50 war frags 20 points
    • 100 war frags 50 points
    • 200 war frags 150 points
    • 500 war frags 500 points
    Guild war requirements:
    • Minimum level 350
    • Minimum number of unique players in the war 10

    Submit your guild war videos by tagging our Facebook page for a chance to hit front page and win 100-1000 premium points!
    Latest epic guild war video: