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Patch notes - 12th June 2015Server Written by Erza, 12 June 2015, 23:25.08

Patch notes - 12th June 2015

Balance changes:

Bug fixes:

Upcoming features:

Long maintenance compensationServer Maintenance Written by undercover, 17 May 2015, 17:12.31

Due to the inadequately announced server maintenance which took place last night and lasted longer than anticipated, we have decided to compensate everyone with 20 premium points!
Sorry for the inconvenience.

Removal of the Anti AFK MonsterServer Written by Erza, 17 May 2015, 16:27.50

The people have spoken!

As this poll has decided, we will send the Anti AFK Monster to retirement immediately, we'd like to thank all of you for voting.

Server MaintenanceServer Maintenance Written by Erza, 17 May 2015, 00:23.52

Maintenance ahead!

We will be having a server maintenance starting from the time of posting these news. We don't know how long it will take until our servers are playable again. This will also affect the websites, they will be unavailable for the most part while we're performing the server maintenance.

The Anti AFK Monster pollGeneral Written by undercover, 12 May 2015, 22:46.20

Since many people seem to be unpleasant with the Anti AFK Monster, we've decided to make a poll and let you decide if it should stay or not.
Before the reset it used to have a higher death penalty but that has been removed in order to make it a little bit less harsh. It also doesn't appear as often as it used to.
If you want it to stay but you think that it should be somehow changed, feel free to leave your suggestions here.
The poll ends in 4 days, you can vote here.