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NameLightning Of Family
Guild OwnerDoctor Zhivago
Created9 February 2017, 18:22.01
Description400+ Guild. Accept Only Mages
MOTDWhen you're active Always Open Guild Chat


Rank: Leader
Doctor Zhivago (Druid)
Virian (Knight)
Rank: Moderator
Lightning Slow (Sorcerer)
Rank: Vice-Leader
Adik_NAMELOCKED (Paladin)
Rank: Magican
Zaloret (Druid)
Amazing Rampo (Druid)
Bugss Bunyy (Sorcerer)
Shrmotah (Paladin)
Marosski Dreyar (Sorcerer)
Sinshi (Sorcerer)
The Witch Hammer (Druid)
Inmercifull (Druid)
Lightning Snake_NAMELOCKED (Druid)
Falcon Druid (Druid)
Feddoo Safe Dooz (Sorcerer)
Err Pato (Sorcerer)
Lightning Rodd (Druid)
Hard And Fast (Paladin)
Lightning Obodin (Sorcerer)
Rank: Ranger
Fluki (Paladin)
Lightning Speed (Paladin)
Silverbolt (Paladin)
Snipar_NAMELOCKED (Paladin)
Danyal (Paladin)
Jesi Full (Paladin)
Toska_NAMELOCKED (Paladin)
Rank: Warrior
Vato Boy (Knight)
Lightning Samrui (Knight)
Holy Blocker (Knight)
Quinz (Knight)
By Smith (Knight)
Lightning Tank (Knight)
Ilovee You (Knight)
Kriminal (Knight)

Invited players