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Halloween House ContestEvents Written by Administration, 27 October 2015, 13:19.18

We wish you to enjoy the darkest night, as the shadows of thousand years rise again unseen and unknown voices whisper in the trees, saying that it is HALLOWEEN!

During this day we will be hosting a house decoration contest event, of course with a Halloween theme. There are no rules, just stick to the theme and make the best of it! Use your imagination to the fullest!

If you wish to participate, simply send a screenshot of the decorated house and your character name to events@rohan-ots.com until 1st of November, 7:00 PM (server time).

We will be choosing the best 3, which will be rewarded accordingly:

  • 1st place: 1000 premium points
  • 2nd place: 700 premium points
  • 3rd place 400 premium points

Winners will be announced on 2nd November.
We want to see a place that will scare the hell out of us this Halloween! Are you with us?
Best wishes from Masiyah Staff and have a frightfully good time on Halloween! GOOD LUCK!
The winners of our halloween house decoration contest are:

  1. Mr Pacifist
  2. Hola Bebes
  3. Missawsome

Crime Day EventEvents Written by Myrelle, 10 October 2015, 14:07.50

Greetings Masiyahns!

We're happy to finally introduce the long awaited Crime Day Event, which will start right after the countdown.
During this day, you are allowed to break few of the rules listed below and you would not get punished for it!

  1. Spamming - Repeating identical words or sentences in a public chat very fast in order to spam or annoy people.
  2. Multi-Clienting - Using more than one client in order to kill people..
  3. Magebombs - using multiple clients in order to kill people by luring them to a specific place and logging in all of them at once..
  4. Scamming - Trying to get people's items/money/account/houses/other properties by tricking them..
  5. Healing from Protection Zones - Healing people that are pvp’ing outside of a protection zone whilst being in a protection zone oneself..
  6. Cheat Scripts - You're allowed to use obvious cheating scripts in your bot, such as faster healing..
  7. Trapping - Blocking spawns so you can hunt there or blocking players’ way (can include anti-pushing, but does not include blocking multiple spawns and super duper spawns).

  8. Insulting/Threatening Staff Members - Insulting and/or threatening staff for their actions in the past on private messages or default..
Some of those mentioned above shall not be done in help channel, as this channel rules aren't changing.

The purge will start back again after the 24 hours have expired (the crime day will end).
Do you think you can play this game?

Good luck,
Masiyah Staff.

News updatesEvents Written by RoHaN, 30 September 2015, 16:39.12

Dear community,

We're proud to announce the rules of the long awaited Crime day, as well as re-introducing our social Daily Questions on Facebook & Twitter, where you can win 80 premium points Daily.
We will also anounce some decreases of prices in our shop on some of the most popular items!
Starting off, the Crime day.
During this day, you will be able to do almost anything you want and get away with it!
The rules you are permitted to break are following:

  • Spamming
  • MC (Magebomb, using multiclients to kill people etc)
  • Destructive Behaviour
  • Scamming
  • Healing from Protection Zone
  • Using cheating scripts
  • Trapping
  • Insulting Staff Members (You can finally flame Senpai without being punished for it!)
A countdown timer for the day will be upcoming shortly!

Every evening we will be having daily questions on our social medias Facebook & Twitter Page. Make sure to be active during this time in-game as it will be broadcasted as soon as live!
The shop price decreases has affected the following items:
Stamina Refiller (-5), Firewalker Boots (-10), Supreme Ring (-10), 10 VIP Days (-5),
30 VIP Days (-20), 180 VIP Days (-60), 360 VIP Days (-100)

Good luck and stay tuned for more updates!

Reset 18th SeptemberServer Written by Myrelle, 13 September 2015, 22:25.21

Greetings Masiyahns,

We are pleased to announce the launch of our reborn Masiyah Server. With your support and loyalty, wishing for more entertainment to the community.

This update is comprised of :

  • "Crime day event" - a day where you are free to break (most) of the rules e.g Sio from PZ, MC pk (mage bomb) etc.
  • The level boosters have been nerfed, to make the game more fair to play for everyone, they will also be extremely expensive first day of launch and not worth, so players have to work for their levels in order to get to the top of the highscore! We will be awarding the top 10 highest level players 2 weeks after the launch the 2nd October on the ladder with 5000-1000 points!
  • 97 map errors & 19 bug fixes
  • New Adventure quest
  • New monsters
  • Some spells, items & runes changes, and the last but not least
  • Awesome PIN system.
  • New Push system.
  • Trial VIP days.
With the upcoming new PIN system, your accounts will never be at risk of hacking (if you choose to use it ofcourse!).

Make sure to invite your friends, boost your gaming-experience by grouping up!

Our staff has been working with apprehension, to bring the best experience as possible,
The reset will occur 18th September 18:00
Future is always bright for our community.

Enjoy to the fullest,
Masiyah staff!

Exchange guild frags for premium pointsServer Written by undercover, 10 August 2015, 22:09.34

We have added a new system which allows you to exchange the frags you earned from fighting a guild war into premium points!

We're going to try out this system in hopes to see a lot more guild activity and furious battles!

By exchanging war frags you are not removing them from your statistics, but you are losing them from the top guilds ladder. So if you wish to climb that ladder with your guild, you should keep the frags.

You can access this option by logging in into the account which is the leader of the guild, then going to your page. Once you click View, you will get a list of players which have participated in the war + the number of points they've earned. If you want to trade the frags for points, simply click the red confirmation button.

Each player will get the amount of points equal to number of frags they have participated in during the war (1 point per assist, 2 points per last hit).
Except the guild leader, who gets the number of points equal to total amount of frags in the war.

In addition, the guild wars page has been updated in order to show information more clearly, plus you can now see all the frags in each guild war!

Good luck and have fun!